Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hair Adventures and FOTD

So, I have been a redhead off and on for almost 2 years now. I decided yesterday that it was time for a change and I was going to go dark again. Most people would associate that as going dark brown or black, but of course I have to put my own twist on that so I tried to remember my last venture with brown and burgundy and what I mixed.

I think I came pretty close!

These are pictures of the before--I went a bit pic crazy so you can see what the Loreal Hi Color Hi lights turns into after about two months of wash/grow out.

Reds ARE high upkeep. While I do love the way it looks, I wanted a change, and chances are once this hair color washes out enough, I'll be going back :P

I used half of each creme tube in Ion Color Brilliance Dark Brown and Medium Intense Red, with a 30 developer.

There's a lot of color variations, as some pictures it looks almost purple and others it has a red tint to it, which I'm sure is from the original color.

As for todays FOTD, this is what I used:

Meow's End of Days in Hopeless on lid
Meows Treasures in Miw over Hopeless
Aromaleigh Pique above and into crease for highlight.
Indelible Gel Liner in Black Cherry

Aromaleigh Burnt Roses on brows.

Meows foundation in Frisky Chartreux (level 2)

Red lipstick


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