Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

EcoTools Scavenger Hunt

Okay so last week my foundation kabuki brush broke. I decided that I'd probably look for something local just so I don't have to deal with searching for something online, then pay for shipping, yadda yadda.

Well I needed a brush by this morning (job interview, must look pretty!), so last night, I figured I'd pick up a foundation brush from EcoTools, since Phyrra has good reviews on their brushes.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Etsy Shop is Open! And a little update...

Alright, so after forever, I decided to get off my butt and post some of my jewelry on Etsy.

I need to post loads more, but I'm hoping I can get some stuff sold so I can use that money to buy more materials to make awesome(r) stuff!

I will custom make something if you want it in another color. I'm also making doggie necklaces and can make one to custom fit your dog's neck size =D

Here's the link to my Etsy Shop, Magnum Opus Designs:

I will also be opening my more gothic/dark jewelry in another store, so stay tuned!!

Also, I may be working in a salon after all! I got a second interview next Tuesday with a Salon I applied at earlier this month, so let's hope I get in...I'll definitely have some good reviews based on Aveda products ;)

I haven't been on here in a while, and I'm sorry (kick me, I know--I deserve it!).

  • I've been working in dog grooming since October and that has finally (after 2 years) worn me out of the industry.
  • Oh, also, I am attending college (yay I'm a freshman) and plan on getting an AA in Administrative Office Assistant. I might even take online courses to be a Paralegal or for Business Management, since online seems the way to go with scheduling nowadays (and I hate being stuck in a class for an hour and half repeating everything I already studied the week before!)
  • I'm planning on starting a makeup artistry portfolio to occupy my time and to use some of this makeup I have abnormal amounts of :)
  • Also, I have taken up modeling as a hobby. Model Mayhem #1967647 yay =D
  • I tried starting a band with an ex bandmate from my old band, but things kind of fell through :/
Oh, and Burlynn may be green for St. Patty's Day...I'll just make her into a dinosaur >:]

I'm hoping with this career/life change, I should get more into makeup, beauty, everything prettyful like I used to be!

Hope you all are doing well in your neck of the woods!