Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So about a month ago, I was fighting with oily skin. Usually products work for a while, then my skin turns rogue and becomes oily again.

I had been using BC Spa Facial in this order

Cleansing Gel
Exfoliating Polish

Tonic with AHAs

Moisturizer with SPF 20

(I'm bad, I'm not using eye cream :/)

I remember hearing the gel is better for acne prone skin, oily skin, blah blah blah. But I felt like it more-less dried my skin than help moisturize it.

So within this past month, I had the cleansing LOTION in my bathroom. I was too lazy to get my gel cleanser out of my spa bag, so I just used the lotion.

And that kept happening because I was too lazy.

Then I started using the Tight Firm and Fill Face and Eye cremes and stopped using the SPF Moisturizer (still wore foundation with SPF!)

Then my face started balancing out.