Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Skincare Regime

Alright, as most bloggers do this, I thought I'd share my newest skincare regime with you.

I became an independent consultant for a company called BeautiControl. BC has been around for 30 years and I just barely heard about it late-March. What I like about the company is they try to keep their ingredients as natural as possible, and have a few lines to help people with problem skin find what is right for them.

The other thing that is interesting is that BC doesn't do catalog sales or parties as Avon and Mary Kay does (although you can!), we get to do home spas for people! It's actually fun and can be very relaxing to a small group of ladies.

So if you're interested in this opportunity (you can win a car, trips, FREE STUFF--I'm not lying, I was skeptical at first, 'til I got my first two packages of items!) please email me @ incessant_beauty@yahoo.com or go to my site www.beautipage.com/K_Rachelle --I can set you up to become a rep, or can help you find out what skincare regime would be best for you!

ANYWAY, sorry for trying to sell :D

I start off with this in the AM
BC Spa Gel Cleanser with a dab of
BC Spa Exfoliating polish
BC Spa AHA Tonic (it's basically a toner)
BC Spa Defend and Restore SPF 20 Lotion

and in the PM
BC Spa Gel Cleanser with a dab of
BC Spa Exfoliating polish
BC Spa AHA Tonic (it's basically a toner)
Yes to Tomatoes Facial lotion...it's a bit heavier so I use it as a night cream

On Monday nights I use BC's Microdermabrasion treatment, which is a chemical peel (fruit acid-based, no harsh chemicals!), followed by the resurfacing scrub with their handheld brush. I was told you can use these to lighten dark spots and scars, which I am trying on some weird freckle things that have appeared on my chest a few years ago (I think it's from birth control) so I'm going to test this theory.

Once or twice a week I use the Instant Manicure hand scrub followed by the Extreme repair hand creme, as well as the Lip Apeel, which is a lip masque that treats chapped/dry lips and gets rid of the waxy residue/buildup from normal lipstick wear.

I have been doing this skincare regime for two weeks, and although I have had a few big pimples, I honestly feel like these products are working! The blackheads are coming out from my chin and my pores look a lot cleaner around my nose and cheeks! I never have been interested in commercial products---I've tried Proactiv, MaryKay, and numerous drugstore brands, all to no avail. I have used the Oil Cleansing method for almost two years until I became interested with BeautiControl within the past month. Maybe my skin has changed since I first started doing the OCM, but BC's skincare is working for me.

I am also very oily, hence why I used the OCM, and whenever I do use a product, I tend to produce more oil because it dries me out so much after I wash my face. BC's Spa line has nearly balanced out my oil/dryness, which helps especially with my Meow foundation =D

The only thing that does drive me up the wall is because the lotion has SPF, it has that "oily LOOK" until you brush over a mattifying powder..that's why I stopped using sunscreen because I hate the oil slick look on my face. But I'd rather go over my face with a mattifying powder than have sun damaged skin, so I'll do the extra step!

Once again, if you're interested in trying some of their products, there just may be a rep in your area, or you can order off my site, which is linked above :) Also their margarita lotion is orgasmic (pardon my innuendo)

I'll post pictures when I can get my butt up and back into beauty mode!

Dear BB Jayde/ Everyday Diva,

Please come back already! I miss your lotions and acne skincare! :(