Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pest Control!

So this is going to be two posts in one:

My poor Burlynn has been fighting fleas off and on for about two months. Spraying, bathing, brushing, washing bedding, etc. THEY WON'T LEAVE.

She must taste good -_-

So yesterday, having a day off, I was originally just going to trim up her paws, but as soon as I started her sani-cut, three fleas scattered up her tail. Great.

Grooming Stats:
#7F body
#30 poodle feet and ears
#15 face made into a mustache and goatee
Two pigtails
Frenchbraids on the back part of her topknot and tail

Without further adieu, here's the baby!

And regarding the fleas, I found all in all about 7--after her bath in Original Dawn Dish Soap (A groomer's best-kept secret--DILUTED!) we report all fleas picked off were x_x (dead).

Zack says she looks like a moose. I couldn't stop laughing whenever I looked at her...it's out of love!!



Alright ao the most interesting phenomenon happened a few nights ago and I have pictures to prove it--although unfortunately I couldn't get the WHOLE picture...but anyway.

I was getting ready to take a shower and as I was reaching for my towel Zack walks in and says "Oh cool, hey look at the little spiders." ONE: I don't like spiders, although I like Daddy Long Legs--we've had one camping out in our bathroom for over a week now. TWO: I turn around and IN FRONT OF MY FACE are little silk strands with baby spiders crawling up and down them...HOLY &^%(!

To be honest, this was actually pretty cool coming from someone that doesn't like spiders. Had I known what kind of spiders they were, I would've tried keeping them out on our patio. Anyway I killed 'em. I think they came from the vent fan in our bathroom. Zack said usually there's hundreds of babies and only a small percentage makes it out alive. That really didn't help my fear of falling asleep and being eaten alive by spiders that night =/

Here's a couple of pictures. The spiders were SO TINY I'm surprised my camera even got a few in focus!

Interesting huh? =D

BeautiControl Incentive

Hey readers! I just wanted to let you in on a dirty little secret BeautiControl has going on!

From now until July 21st (the day our Celebration starts in Texas!) They are only charging new recruits to buy the SPA NOW case for $99!!!!

This normally goes as $125, which is wholesale, considering buying everything separate would be $300+ so while the $125 is a good deal, $99 is a GREAT DEAL!

Let me know if you may be interested in saving money and earning up to 50% commission, as well as checks in the mail from BeautiControl from people you recruit yourself!

This would be great to help pay off credit card debt, or have a little extra spending money for a family trip, buying kids clothes, even just buying groceries if you're struggling.

The kit can pay for itself after one spa party--usually your sales are between $200-$500, and if you place a $500 order, you pocket $250!!! (or spend it on more product which I seem to do <.<) If you're interested, add me on Facebook:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Photoshoot Yesterday

Yesterday I did a photoshoot. It was supposed to be a dance-fun inspired one, but we ended up on the patio railing shooting because the light from our weirdly overcast day turned out some of the best pictures of the day lol!!

I had been dying to do a shoot since I dyed my hair last week and wanted pics of it before it faded (damn reds!)

These are all unedited, we have yet to mess with the contrast and saturation.

My makeup:

Aromaleigh Rocks! HelterSkelter on brows
BeautiControl Wet/Dry Foundation in N1
BeautiControl Bronzer in Bronzed Beauti
BeautiControl Spectaculash in Black

BeautiControl Lipstick in Shiraz

BeautiControl Mirage eye shadow trio. I used the light yellow from lid to browbone, as seen in the pic with me in the yellow dress--I added the dark grey into my crease in the pictures where I'm wearing black.

It took me an hour and a half to curl my hair...and it had mostly lost its curl by the end of the shoot (these pictures!) LOL

BeautiControl Eye Shadow

As I’m hoping to build my business and clientele with BeautiControl, this is the place I know I can reach out to people whether it’s from linking this on my Facebook to someone Google searching swatches, so these are the eye shadow trios of BeautiControl I have collected so far.
I received some as free gifts from doing some of the incentives with BeautiConrol through recruiting, sales, etc. A couple I have bought for demo/personal use.
Keep in mind, all are swatched using the BeautiControl Shadow Control Crème in Natural as a primer base. This has mica in the ingredients, so there still is a little shimmer. Some prefer to just use this as an eye shadow all by itself. There is also a pink tinted one and brown…kind of like the Indelible shadows that I love!

Here’s a picture with just the primer on—it’s light and natural with a slight shimmer.


Onto the eyeshadows!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

EvilShades HAUL

Alright, so I had to find a mattifying powder (my Aromaleigh one finally ran out :[ ) so I started hunting one night.
I decided to try EvilShades Matte Silk since I hadn't ordered from Andrea in a while, and saw a few eyeshadows I wanted to try out too! I got the blogger sampler pack and colors I had not tried out yet since she's released new collections.

Here's my haul :)

I think the new packaging for the samples is nice, although it can be a little messy if the product seeps into the little grooves. Plus I prefer baggies because of the ability to have a sample binder :) Other than that, I think they are adorable.

Here are the swatches!!
Since these are so time consuming editing pictures and putting their names on, I only did it to one picture =/
I swatched on bare skin, indelible primer, and Pixie Epoxy

In order from wrist to forearm is
Atomic Blush
Backtalk Blush
Heartless Queen

I swatched the blush before I realized it was blush or else those two would have been separate from the other eyeshadows.

I love the blush Atomic, it's hard to tell from the pictures but it has a slight fushia duochrome which makes it gorgeous as not just a blush but even highlight!

I LOVE Incantation. Potion and Incantation are pretty close, although I noticed Incantation seems to have slight blue sparkles, but as you can tell, they are pretty close in color.

I also like Heartless Queen, as that will replace my Aromaleigh Rocks! in HelterSkelter in due time.

Obviously Pixie Epoxy does not do well with mattes, so Illusive and Nightshade don't look to well. I am curious to try them out with just a creme primer though--usually purples are hard to use because they don't seem to stick on my eye, I'm guessing it's just the color itself because I had trouble with some purple Aromaleigh shadows back in the day.

In the EvilShades sampler pack, I got to choose two lip colors, so I chose Fearless and Roue.

Fearless is a cute hot pink, leaning closer to magenta. It lasts pretty long too and does not dry my lips.

Roue is every vampires dream. Although my camera doesn't show it well, it is dark deep blood red with high shine.

I left to run some errands and blotted it off to be more as a lip stain and it had pretty nice staying power. And it smells like
cherry =D

I did try the mattifying powder last night and it makes my face feel SO soft--it almost reminds me of the same texture as Meow Cosmetics' Equilibrium Balanceing Powder. It did mattify it, but made my face dry =/ I'll need to experiment because a little definitely goes a long way!

Anyway, enjoy! I have some not necessarily swatches, but makeup "looks" with BeautiControl eyeshadows to give you a look at their colors and vibrancy.