Friday, August 20, 2010


I know, I'm such a bad girl. Lot's of stuff happened from when I FIRST started this blog.

I was living in Vegas with my boyfriend, and things didn't end to well with my relationship there, so I had to move back to good ol' Bakersfield, CA at the end of May. OR maybe it was April. I forgot. Hah.

Not happy that I moved back, I locked myself in my cave room and refused to be social for a couple of months. Anyway, things are much better now! I'm getting ready to start beauty school (YAY!) and get my future rolling. This will TOTALLY help my beauty blog, as I will have tips and random reviews from school and such. Not to mention I met a beautiful boy named Zack thanks to one of my ex-bandmates and things are very good between us two.

Onto what we've all been waiting for:
The pics aren't very good because I was using my phone for the shots...I'm too lazy to put batteries into my camera =/ but you get the idea:

^^^ This was an in-the-making pic I took for my friend Tina :] ^^^

Lid: Aromaleigh Amarante
Crease: Aromaleigh Pique on inner half; Morgana Minerals Glitter Ghoul on outer half into vee
Browbone: Aromaleigh Estranged!
Liner: Indelible Liner in Blackout on lashline and waterlines
Aromaleigh Rocks! Lookinforakiss lined along bottom lashline
Black mascara
Indelible Liner in Venomous to make design; Black Cherry for dots; Aromaleigh Rocks! glitter in Masshysteria sprinkled over design

Brows: EvilShades Coffin (omfg I think I FINALLY got my eyebrow shape right I'm sooooo happy. [lol I'm a tard] :/)

Face: Aromaleigh Glissade 2N and Voile 1N applied with flocked sponge

Blush: Fyrinnae Temptation Glow Blush

Lips: Nude lipliner with Aromaleigh botanicals lipstick in Perfect

Using Pique makes me sad. I wish I could've gotten a full size now, and picked one up of Amarante! Aromaleigh's going out of business sucks =[

Anyway, I have a bunch of other pics uploaded to my photobucket of FOTDs that I will be uploading soon. I may not remember the colors I used, but I'm sure they'd be good makeup inspiration photos for you readers to use!