Monday, May 30, 2011

So I decided to dye my hair...

TAKE THREE: I hate photobucket. It froze up three times and the last time I copied my blog text, photobucket copied a link to one of my pictures so I will retype AGAIN x_x

Alright so I needed a pick me up. Working three jobs then cutting down to two has been hard to come off of. Top that off with not sleeping well and, I've been a cranky bear.

I miss Vegas.
I miss my red hair.
I miss what I was a year ago.

Today I decided to go back to my roots...well, my fake ones with the help of hair dye :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

And on a Side Note

Please mail me one of everything from this site Black Baccara Oils because everything looks devine and amazing. I wish to have all the scents ON OR BEFORE my birthday, October 7th.


Help Me Out Readers!!

Alright, so when my boyfriend and I met, I always wore this patchouli oil perfume. Just patchouli by itself, no other scents added.

Since I have been selling BeautiControl, I have used their lotions and cremes, my favorite being the Spa Sugar Squeeze, which is s light citrus-y smell--yummy for summer!

Well, it was brought to my attention, that well, my boyfriend misses the patchouli I have since retired within the past year. Not that I do not enjoy the scent, it has just taken the back burner in my medicine cabinet.

Well now, I am on a quest to find patchouli EVERYTHING: soaps, lotions, shampoos!

I have been searching on Etsy for the past hour or so, trying to find anything remotely interesting from sellers that look like they have good reviews. So far, I have three conversations out, with one that has agreed to send me samples of two of her patchouli scents!

Anyone a fan of patchouli/woodsy-type scents that could point me in the direction of a website or Etsy shop?

I like sandalwood, frankinscence and myrrh, nag champa, and of course, patchouli!

I am asking Etsy owners if they would be willing to ship me a few samples of their products, because I don't see the purpose in buying 10-30 full sizes of shampoos/washes/lotions and not liking the scents of half or more of them, thus wasting space in my cabinets and empyting my wallet :(

So PLEASE, if anyone knows or knows someone that MIGHT know of somewhere to direct me to, please direct them to my blog and comment!!