Saturday, April 10, 2010

Morgana Minerals Lipstick Swatches PT. I

I promised I would have the Morgana Minerals vegan lipstick swatches up soon, so here's Part I. These are all of the bright/colored lipstick samples I have. Some of them are a little on the dried-out side since I've had them for a while, so they might not look TOO good in the pictures. But I assure you, when I first got them, they were moist and went on beautifully.

Morgana's vegan lipsticks are long-lasting, some are very opaque, and all are VERY moisturizing--even the black lippies!! They are priced at 50 cents for a sample, and $10.00 for a fullsize, which I thought was overpriced at first, but that's when I didn't know much about "vegan/all natural" products--they're a bit more expensive to produce! You figure MAC crap is over $15 for a lipstick, amirite? And MAC isn't vegan!

Plus you can get unusual colors at anytime of the year at Morgana Minerals that you would normally have to wait 'til Halloween to buy!

Melissa of Morgana Minerals is also working on vegan lipglosses, due to be released sometime this month, in which all of us in the beauty world that know of Morgana Minerals are itching to try!

Onto the swatches!


So this is the first part (eleven lipstick samples I have) of the Morgana Mineral vegan lipstick swatches.

I believe I still have another 12-13 lipsticks to swatch. All those are the deeper/dark red/black lipsticks.


  1. Lovely! And swatching lippies takes time :)

  2. Thanks Phyrra!
    And yeah, it was taking forever, that's why I'm splitting it into two parts...I was getting impatient xD

  3. Damn, based on your swatches I LOVE Lillian and Pumpkin Eater, but I'd probably never wear them out of the house!

  4. Lillian would be a little tricky to wear out..I'm sure if you layered pink gloss over it, it'd be "wearable".

    You'd be surprised with Pumpkin Eater. With a thin layer of it, it is VERY wearable for that sunkissed-bronzed summer look, or just a simple day look with a little mascara and eyeliner!

    Definitely order samples! I didn't think I would go for Serenity OR Blueberry. I thought they'd be too wacko to wear, but they're awesome in person. I haven't worn either in public yet because I haven't found a good enough outfit to match! xD

  5. Wow! Thanks for doing so many lip swatches! It's always so much better to see the colors on the lips, even though it's a lot more work so I applaud you for that! The colors are gorgeous!